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  1. DJI Assistant 2(Updates discontinued) Compatible with Mavic Air,Mavic Pro,DJI Goggles and more. Download exe Download zip. DJI Assistant 2 Release Notes V1.2.5 2019-03-27. Supported Products.
  2. I have a new Mac with the Catalina OS. I could not download the DJI Assistant 2 on it to use with the Start Controller I just purchased for my Mavic 2. HAs anyone, or DJI come up with a computer safe download of the DJI Assistant 2 for Mac Catalina OS or even a Windows 10 OS?
  3. Updating Your DJI Spark Firmware With DJI Assistant 2. There are two ways to update your DJI Spark, one of the most popular options is by using the DJI Assistant 2 software on your PC or Mac. Here is a step by step guide on how to update your Spark.
  4. ‎Capture the world from above. DJI GO 4 has been optimized for all of DJI's latest products. These include the Mavic Series, Phantom 4 Series, and Inspire 2. It provides near real-time image transmission and camera settings adjustment, as well as editing and sharing of aerial imagery.

DJI assistant 2 It is a very useful tool if you have a drone DJI, and everyone should have it! I have the version 1.1.2 available for download. I downloaded this from DJI Web site before you replace it with a new one.

Download DJI Assistant 2 version 1.1.2

Dji Assistant For Mac

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Dji Assistant per Mac
Dji Assistant per Windows

In later versions you lose the ability to mod, but with version 1.1.2 you can still edit parameters if you want to. These are the download 1.1.2, The latest version is completely down in the post, and is a download directly from DJI

* NOTE *
You can not install it normally on a Windows computer 8/10.
The drivers are not signed properly and Windows will not install them.
Is there a way to disable driver signing, and this is a standard feature in Windows.
The complete installation instructions for installation on Windows 8 e 10 They are at the bottom of this article.

What DJI Assistant?

Assistant lets you update the firmware, calibrate sensors and even read the logs.
You can also downgrade to a previous firmware, if you want. Assistant is very useful when an SD card upgrade is not successful and the drone is locked in update mode.
Even the firmware update via Assistant 2 is much faster.

You also have an option for the simulator so you can fly a simulated drone with your remote control 🙂

The DJI server is available for Windows and Mac, Here is the latest version directly from DJI.


The installation of this tool on Windows 8 O 10 It requires booting in Safe Mode.
This is because 2 necessary drivers are not, or not properly signed, e Windows 8 e 10 They will not allow the installation when they are running in mode “normal”

To get into Safe Mode and disable the driver signing requirements, Proceed as follows.Vsd viewer for mac crack.

  • Click the Start menu and select Settings.
  • Then click Update and safety.
  • Then click Restore.
  • Click Restart now in an advanced Start.
  • then click Troubleshooting.
  • then select Advanced Options.
  • then select Startup Settings.
  • Now click Restart.
  • On the start screen, press Settings 7 or F7 to disable the application of the driver signing.
Dji assistant mac os catalina

Install DJI Assistant as usual, the drivers will be installed and you will be able to use the assistant DJI.
After installation, restart the PC to run mode again “normal”.

Dji Assistant For Ronin For Mac

Once the software is installed, you can use it like any other program, Safe Mode is only required during installation.
The drivers work in normal mode.

There are no installation problems reported for Mac!

Dji Assist

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