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When you forget password, only VBA programming, extension modification and Excel password remover can solve your problem. But obviously, the first 2 methods are too complicated, and even worse, they can't delete the password of latest Excel, which means you may take the time to deal with useless things.

Download Portable Excel Password - Unlock password-protected Microsoft Excel files with the help of this portable application that boasts various efficient recovery methods. Office 2019 is a one-time purchase that comes with classic apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for PC or Mac, and does not include any of the services that come with an Office 365 subscription.

To save time and money, open and modify the Excel 2019/2016/2013/2010/2007/2003 related to work or life, now let's take a look at the top 7 XLSX/XLS password remover.

Part 1. Summary of Excel Password Remover

Here I have summarized the features of each tool. Any freeware to try? If on MS Excel 1997/2003, you can try #1 Rixler Excel Password Recovery Master, #2 Free Word/Excel Password Recovery Wizard. But for other cases, not really or completely free, and the price varies.

If you want to do it online without software, go to #3 password-find.com

If you want a one-stop password recovery tool, try #4 Password Genius Standard, which supports other MS files apart from Excel. But it only recovers Excel open password.

The other three tools: #5 Straxx Excel Password Remover can only remove Excel workbook protected password. And the rest #6, as well as #7, can recover both kinds of Excel password.

Part 2. Introductions of Excel Password Cracker

In this part, you'll see the review result of each tool.

#1. Rixler Excel Password Recovery Master

Rixler Excel Password Recovery Master is the best free Excel password remover that can delete or restore various forms of Excel passwords. It has a unique way of unlocking the Excel, that is, crack Excel password with password encryption server and cloud computing.

Review Result

You can save on the budget if you are using MS Excel from 97 – 2003. It's free and can quickly decrypt workbook and worksheet passwords with simple UI and UX.


1. Support a variety of Excel formats: XLS, XLT, XLA, XLSX, XLSM, XLTX, XLTM, XLSB, XLAM.

2. This is a free password recovery tool.


1. Only paying $14.98 for Rixler Excel Password Recovery Pro can unlock Excel files after Excel 2013.

2.Only support Excel, not including other MS Office like Word, PPT and so on.

#2. Free Word/Excel Password Recovery Wizard

It is an Excel password breaker designed for Excel open password. There are 2 recovery methods: Dictionary Attack and Brute Force Attack, where 'Dictionary Attack' is the primary way of Excel passwords.

Review Result

The free unprotect feature only supports from MS 97 – 2003. I tried Dictionary Attack and Brute Force Attack in the order suggested by the official. The Word password was successfully retrieved. It claims to purchase an extra password dictionary for $15 to find the Excel password.



1. Remove Word password as well as specific versions of Excel for free – from 1997 to 2003.

2. An additional password dictionary is provided although paid.

3. Crack the Excel password by character combination.


1. Spend a lot of time looking for lengthy and complicated passwords.

2. For Excel 2007-2010, it suggests going to Password-Find.

#3. password-find.com

password-find is an online cracker for Excel password that allows you to retrieve Excel open and protected password without downloading it to PC/Mac.

Review Result

I can try the 'Remove Password' mode for free. Although it will remove the password and allow me to access the Excel, I still need to pay for the Pro one to display everything in the Excel file. And the password still exists after leaving the site.

Excel portable for mac os


1. Free to unlock part of the Excel files.

2. Unlock password protection for workbook and worksheet.

3. No need to download, convenient and fast.

4. It is an office password deletion tool, also works as a Word, PowerPoint and RAR password remover


1. There is a limit on the size of Excel file.

2. Not completely free. It takes $19.95 to remove password from 10 documents. And you won't get the password.

#4. Password Genius Standard

The Password Genius Standard is the best one of the paid Excel password crackers. It combines multiple technologies to accelerate Excel password recovery to quickly remove Excel password without losing data or corrupting data.

Review Result

The 4 recovery types: Normal, Mask, Dictionary, Smart are provided to use in different situations. I quickly recovered the Excel password with intimate prompts and navigation. In general, the more complex the password, the more time it takes.


1. 4 recovery modes to meet the needs of the market.

2. It is possible to perform Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, RAR, PDF, ZIP password recovery.

3. Built-in acceleration technology.

4. It can recover passwords of up to 3 characters for free, but for others, it says $29.95.


1. Can only recover Excel open password, but not worksheet/workbook.

#5. Straxx Excel Password Remover

Straxx Excel Password Remover developed for worksheet and workbook protection password deletion, and you can delete Excel passwords with macros within minutes.

Review Result

After selecting one from 'Unprotect Sheet', 'Unprotect workbook' and 'Unprotect all', I can delete worksheet/workbook protection. However, it should be noted that it can only crack passwords for free in Excel 2007 and 2010 on PC.


1. Excel 2007 and 2010 protection passwords on Windows can be removed free of charge.

2. It has simple steps of password cracking.

3. The original workbook will not be modified.


1. It needs $28 if you're on Mac or want to remove protection on Excel 2013/2016/2019.

2. It can't recover Excel open password.

#6. iSeePassword Excel Password Recovery

This is a remover of Excel password, consisting of 2 methods: Recover Open Password from Excel and Remove Workbook/Worksheet Password.

Review Result

I tried to use these 3 attack modes to recover Excel open password. It's all done within 30 minutes!


1. It can crack open password and protection password.

2. Simple and clear design.

3. Three useful attack algorithms.


1. It takes $29.95, but only for Excel, not supporting Word, PowerPoint, and RAR etc.

#7. PassFab for Excel

As an Excel password remover, PassFab for Excel has fully realized its potential. It allows users to perform Excel password recovery with one click.

Review Result

There is a detailed Excel recovery guide on its official website. I easily retrieved my open password by the guidelines. Of course, it can also remove the password quickly.


1. Three Attack modes: 'Brute Force Attack', 'Brute Force with Mask Attack' and 'Dictionary Attack'.

2. In 'Dictionary Attack' mode, it allows downloading the latest password dictionary for free.

3. The perfect combination of open and protection password recovery.

4. Its price is $15.95 for a lifetime license on 1 PC.

GDB Installation on Mac OS X. If you work on a Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks or later, you will run into the problem of Eclipse refusing to interactively debug problems that otherwise build and run fine: An attempt to start a debugging session by selecting Run. Using GDB on Mac OS X INSTALLATION: if not installed already, install brew; if you have brew already on your system, you might want to update the brew installation, typing: brew update. This will give you the latest installation recipes; install GDB: brew install gdb. This will install the latest GDB. Gdb for mac os x.


It only supports Excel, not including other Microsoft files.

The Bottom Line

When you try any of Excel password remover that suits you, you will find it easy to remove/recover Excel passwords. Each software has its own unique attributes, and discovering its uniqueness is the key to your choice of software. I hope that the software description of this review will give you some hits.

Of course, if you have a better Excel password breaker to recommend, please leave a comment below.

Summary: One of the best ways to fight Excel application errors is by keeping a reliable product like Stellar Repair for Excel software. The Microsoft Excel repair software possesses a number of useful features that not only help repair faults within the application but also perform other tasks.

Among the plethora of Excel repair utilities available in the online market, finding one that does what it promises without affecting the format of data stored within the sheets being repaired can be challenging. Combine that with the difficulty of finding a secure and affordable utility and you could end up wasting days picking the right software. Well, we’ve done the work for you and found just the right product that will save hours of your work, repair Excel files like a pro, and won’t cost you that much.

Presenting – Stellar Repair for Excel software.

Product Description

Stellar Repair for Excel is one of the most trustworthy applications out there which can repair corrupted XLS and XLSX files and restore them to their original format. This one-stop solution deftly scans corrupted Excel sheets as well as workbooks to find problems and fixes them one as a time to allow recovery of charts, sheets, cell comments, worksheet properties, and other Excel data. Before saving all recovered data to a new blank Excel file, this Microsoft Excel repair software even lets you preview repaired items so that you can be assured of file repair and recovery.

Here’s a brief glance at the product’s best features:
    • Restores Excel objects like images, cell comments, sorting, formulas, charts, filters, etc
    • Supports repair of single as well as multiple Excel files
    • Works without causing any side-effect to worksheet properties and cell formatting
    • Includes a convenient ‘Find File’ option to search for corrupted Excel files
    • Best utility to fend off the toughest Excel corruption errors
    • Tested by Microsoft Excel MVP

The software comes equipped with a fully interactive Graphical User Interface that contains self-explanatory instructions for making its operation super easy. Additionally, a demo version of the product can be easily downloaded from the vendor’s website and installed easily. Using this demo version you can scan your corrupted Excel files and preview all items that can be recovered. If you can see your desired items in the preview, you can be assured of their recovery. In this respect, this Microsoft Excel repair software is the best choice if you want to free download Excel repair tool.

Product Usage

Follow the below-mentioned steps to download and use Excel repair software:

  1. Download the software from “FREE DOWNLOAD”.
  1. Ensure that your computer meets the following minimum system requirements:
    • Processor: Pentium Class
    • Operating System: Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
    • Memory : 1 GB recommended
    • Hard Disk: 50 MB of free space
    • MS Excel Support: Excel 2019, 2016 and lower versions
  2. Double-click the application executable and follow the instructions in the installation wizard to install the software.
  1. Launch the software to open up its home screen.
  1. If the sheet you wish to repair contains engineering formulas, install the “Analysis ToolPak” manually from Tools –> Add-ins. Else, proceed normally.
  1. Click on “Browse” or “Search” option to choose corrupt Excel files for repair.

Excel Portable 2010

  1. Once the files to be repaired are selected, they will appear in the bottom panel of the software window. Check the files to be repaired and click on “Repair”.
  1. When the scan completes, a list of all recoverable items will be displayed within the software’s left hand panel. You can preview any item from here.
  1. Once satisfied with file preview, click on “Save File” button from the Home menu to save repaired items.

Note: Follow the mentioned instructions and register your software

  1. Finally, pick a destination where you wish to save the repaired Excel sheet
  1. Click OK to finish the procedure.

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Excel For My Mac

Wrapping it up

Excel Portable For Mac Os

Stellar Repair for Excel is the ultimate solution when it comes to combating the toughest of MS Excel problems. Always keep this product handy to ensure smooth working of the application.