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Students and academics will have to analyze a large amount of data throughout and draw a conclusion from it which will be used for other purposes. They can use online graphing software for this purpose as these origin graphing software, free download will enable users to analyze the data statistically. Many free scientific graphing software are available online but the most commonly used software is the graphing software mac which is available for free and is easy to use.

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QtiPlot is a professional scientific data analysis and visualisation solution. It is meant to be. OriginPro by OriginLab Corporation is a powerful data analysis and graphing application that was designed to be used by scientists and engineers in various domains. Booking app for mac. Unfortunately, a version of OriginPro for Mac can not be found on the web, so, you will have to download and install other programs that can help you with this task.

Scientific Graphing and Data Analysis

This freeware can be used by both the industrial and educational sectors as it provides a wide range of data analysis and graphing solutions. Data analysis can be done using the many intuitive tools that are present for the signal process, peak analysis, curve fitting, advanced statistics, etc. which are all built-in. The analysis process can automatically be recalculated and templates can be set for any future work.

PTC Mathcad

This premium software can be used by engineers to perform calculations, resolve problems and share the results. It has a live mathematical notation that will be able to perform intelligently and power calculations. The data can be present in the form of plots, text, images or graphs. This software is available for the different sectors of engineering like civil, electrical, mechanical, etc.


This premium software can be used for animation, scientific graphing, data analysis and monitoring. 2D and 3D graphs can be plotted and scientific data can be analyzed. The data can be manipulated, printed and exported in the form of high-quality graphs. Analysis can be carried out by using various mathematical methods and it supports rich text graphs.

Origin Graphing Definition

Scientific Graphing Software

This premium software can be used for graphing and analyzing on a statistical base. It works on the Windows platform and can be used by users to perform the step-by-step analysis. Any statistical expert will be able to use this for the powerful inbuilt tools. The trail version can be used first after which the premium version can be bought.

Graph Pad Prism for Windows

This premium Windows software can be used for comprehensive curve fitting, graphing, data organization and to perform statistical analysis. It can be used by schools and companies for analyzing different type of data. Nonlinear regression tool can be used to fit the curves easily and multiple sets of data can be set alongside each other. Analysis checklists are present to ensure that the analysis is appropriate for the design.

Abscissa for Mac


Origin For Mac Graph

This free Mac software can be used to obtain high-quality 2D graphs that are generated from the data provided. The data can be modified using the user-defined formulas and it enable fast reading and plotting. Scientists will be able to use this for ASCII data export and import and to plot graphs in many styles.

Systat Software – Most Popular Software

This premium software is very popular among research scientists and engineers. It can be used for scientific graphing and also for statistical analysis. The data can be analyzed by using the different tools and they will be able to obtain high-quality graphs. Data can be exported from Excel and other platforms. You can also see Statistics Calculator

Origin For Mac Graphing Keyboard

How to Install Scientific Graphing Software?

This software is very easy to use and most of the versions available in the market are premium version. So users will have to purchase the log-in credentials from the manufacturer after which they will be able to download and install the file. Once the file is downloaded, the user will have to double-click the installation file to start the process. When the software requests for login credentials then the serial numbers will have to be typed. You can also see Integral Calculator

This software will allow users to analyze and process the data using cell and column formulas. Several math parsers are inbuilt and can be used while performing the calculation. The charts can be monitored and it will be able to support different graphical elements like image brush, shadow, gradient, etc. which can be used to enhance the quality.

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