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When it comes to the best video players, VLC is one name that most people swear by and why should they not? This popular video player is loaded with features that are needed to play the most modern versions of audio and video files. It’s very low on consumption of resources and, above all, users can enjoy all this for free.

However, do you know there are ways you can enhance the functionality or the features that the VLC player has to offer?

Yes, you can do that by adding extensions or add-ons to your player. These extensions are also available for free and they open up a whole new world of functionality for the users and we are today talking about some very useful extensions any die-hard fan of VLC player must install.

If you do not know how to install extensions or add-ons to your player, worry not. We have already explained everything about them and you can learn it in our guide to addng VLC extensions:

How to Add Extensions to VLC Player

Mac: The default location for VST plugins is LibraryAudioPlug-InsVST. AU plugins will be located LibraryAudioPlug-InsComponents. While the folder is highlighted press the Open button. Make sure you check the Grey Box to the left of the location field. This box will turn red with a white check mark to let you know that this folder is active. Mac; Users' choice; VLC plugins v3; VLC plugins v3. Most people looking for VLC plugins v3 downloaded: VLC Web Plugin. VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files as well.

Now that that's out of the way, let’s take a dive into the world of VLC extensions and find out how you can maximize the utility of your VLC player with these add-ons.

Where Do You Get All These Extensions?

While there are many third-party resources available, we'd urge you not to wander in the wild. Developers at Video Lan Client (VLC) have created a cool store where you will find links to download all the extensions made for the VLC player and install them without any hiccups.

Click here to go to the VLC store.

Rest assured that the things available at the official store are authentic. You can also go through the user ratings and also ask questions if you have any.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s begin exploring the top extensions that you must install on your VLC player.

Plugins For Vlc Mac Media Player

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1. VLSub

With the Internet at our disposal, we have access to world cinema and some very exciting titles in foreign languages. However, it happens many times that the video that you have downloaded (legally or illegally) do not come with subtitles.

From there on, you have only two options — either go learn that language and then watch the movie or go on a wild hunt for the correct subtitle that you may or may not get.

To spare you from this horror, VLC has a neat little extension called VLSub. This extension helps you to get rid of all these problems and finds the best subtitles for you in no time.

All you need to do is install VLSub and it will automatically take the name of the movie from the player whenever you ask for a subtitle and search the Internet to get you the best options.

Download VLSub from the official store

2. Resume Media V3.40

We all love to binge-watch once in a while but, with so many shows and movies to watch, it’s hard to keep a track of what you've seen and till where. It's not a huge problem as the Resume Media V3.40 extension for VLC is the perfect solution in this case.

It remembers the duration of the videos that you have watched and the point where you stopped watching them. It works for single videos as well as for a bulk of videos and as soon as a video is played again on VLC, it'll prompt you for a previous location, till where you had played the video so that you can easily resume it.

Don’t worry about the files or videos that you have finished as this extension is smart enough to understand videos that you have finished. It will not prompt you for them unless you play them halfway and leave it.

Download Resume Media V3.40 from the official store

3. Youtube playlist

With online streaming, YouTube is the go-to source for many people, who love to see video content from all across the globe.

The VLC player has an extension that goes by the name of Youtube Playlist that adds some sweet functionalities to your player. Using this extension, you can import an entire playlist of videos that you created on YouTube and watch it right from the VLC player offline.

The best thing about this is that you can even choose the resolution you want to play the videos.

Download Youtube playlist from the official store

4. Volume Reset to 100%

The VLC player has a cool feature that allows you to boost the volume output from the player to a maximum of 125%. This comes super handy when the volume of the video is not up to the mark and you need some extra boost to it.

However, one drawback of the VLC player is that it remembers the last-used volume level and the next video you play, regardless of its own volume level, will be played at the boosted level. But not anymore!

With Volume Reset to 100%, you can rest assured that once you are done playing a video at the boosted level, the player will reset the volume level to 100%. So, no matter if you use external speakers or headphones, there will not be any clipping that might damage the hardware or cause discomfort to you.

Download Volume Reset to 100% from the official store

5. Time v2.1

We all love watching videos, TV shows, and movies but one thing that I personally hate is not knowing when the video will end. With Time v2.1, this problem gets solved pretty easily.

With the help of this extension, you can put a smart overlay of the time elapsed or the time remaining for a video so that you know exactly how much time is left or how much time you have spent watching a video file. This is a very important tool for people with a tinge of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

What’s more? You can actually choose from nine pre-set positions and choose the one that best suits you.

Plugin Vlc Mac

Download Time v2.1 from the official store

Time to Add a Few Things

Gone are the days of watching videos plain Jane, it’s time you took control of videos and the way you play them. With the VLC player and its array of smart extensions, you can do so much with the videos and there is so much more to explore.

Here, I've talked about 5 cool VLC extensions that I personally use. However, there are plenty more of such awesome extensions out there for you to explore.

Let us know in comments which VLC extension you use and which one you like the most. We'd love to hear from you!

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Here’s the link, check it out: The Ultimate Guide to VLC Media Player.

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Did You Know

VLC media player supports basic mouse gestures.

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Video Lan Client or VLC is a popular video-playback application for Windows, Mac, Linux, and even Android operating systems. It's so popular that it's the go-to video playback medium for many. It’s simple, intuitive, and feature-rich and, above all, it's available free of cost.

While there is so much that this utility has to offer, you can also improve its features by adding extensions.

VLC extensions, similar to the ones available for Google Chrome, allow users to customize the VLC player and add additional features to it. VLC extensions are little-known and there are plenty of them available. They allow the users to improve this software and customize its features as per need.

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What Are Extensions?

Extension is a common term to denote anything that extends the usability of a software. Google Chrome is the best example in this case as it pioneered the extension culture by offering a modular product that users can customize as per their requirement.

Here, we will talk about the VLC player and how you can enhance its features. The VLC player has a number of extensions available and you'd have to use one even to add a new skin to the player. However, we are here to talk about how you can add additional video playback features using extensions.

VLC makes use of ‘.lua’ files and installing them is a bit of a trick. But you can get features such as automatic subtitles, video-playback control, and a whole lot with these add-ons.

Interested? Here is how you can install extensions to the VLC player.

Before We Begin ..

There are a few things that you should know before we go ahead and install extensions or add-ons to VLC player.

  • VLC extensions or add-ons are developed by third-party developers, they may or may not work as intended.
  • There is no automatic installation method for adding extensions or add-ons. So, make sure to follow the steps below in the exact order else they won't work.
  • Most extensions or add-ons are available only for the desktop version. Only a very few of these add-ons can be used in the VLC mobile app.
  • You will need to enable the extensions once you install them by accessing the feature of your choice. These features are not enabled automatically.

Now that we have these instructions out of the way, here's how you can add extensions or add-on features to the VLC media player.

Is flash player bad for mac. Also, because Flash Player was designed for desktop computers, it's not very good at displaying content on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. Some mobile browsers, including Safari for iOS, can't even use Flash Player.

Step 1: Locate the Program Files on Your Computer

Depending on the selection of 32-bit or 64-bit application, files will reside in different folders.

Select Program Files (x86) folder for the 32-bit version.Select Program Files folder for the 64-bit version.

Step 2: Select the VideoLAN folder

Plugins For Vlc Media Player

Choose the VideoLAN folder from the list of folders available in your Program Files.

Step 3: Select the Folder to Upload Extensions or Add-ons

From the list of folders, select the lua folder. You might be tempted to access the plugins folder but that won't help.

Step 4: Choose and Upload the Extensions

In the following screen, choose the extensions folder and upload the desired extension that you can download by visiting the official add-on page of VideoLAN.

Once you have uploaded the extension, simply close the folder and run the VLC player.

Note: We have used the resume video extension that helps resume a video from where you previously left it.

Step 5: Run a Video and Resume It

Once the extension has been installed, all you need to do is run a video to test the add-on. Once you play it, the VLC player will keep a tab on the remaining playback time. If you close the video before its end point, you will get a prompt to resume it from where you left it the next time you play the same video file. If you get this prompt, your extension has been installed correctly and is working well.

That All Folks ..

So, this is how you can install any number of extensions or add-ons to your VLC media player. Remember that some extensions will ask you for manual configuration. So, make sure that you go through the Read me file, which has been provided along with the extension before taking action.

I am sure you'll enjoy the newly-added features on your VLC player. Let us know in comments which VLC add-on impressed you the most. We'd love to hear from you!

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Here’s the link, check it out: The Ultimate Guide to VLC Media Player.

The above article may contain affiliate links which help support Guiding Tech. However, it does not affect our editorial integrity. The content remains unbiased and authentic.Also See#Software #Video

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