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In follow-up testing by AppleInsider, the Radeon VII graphics card was confirmed to work in high-power external GPU (eGPU) enclosures, but malfunctioned when used with a Mac Pro tower. The AMD Radeon™ Pro Vega II series and the Radeon™ Pro W5000X series graphics cards bring next-gen graphics and compute capability to Mac Pro® and the world's most demanding creative workloads. . Please note that the Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 only is compatible with the 'Mid-2010' and 'Mid-2012' Mac Pro models. The other video cards above are compatible with the 'Early 2008' and 'Early 2009' as well as the 'Mid-2010' and 'Mid-2012' Mac Pro models. 3.5GHz 8‑core Intel Xeon W processor, Turbo Boost up to 4.0GHz. 3.3GHz 12‑core Intel.

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ATI Video Cards

  • Rage 128 Mac Edition - coming
  • Rage 128 Pro Mac Edition - coming
  • Radeon 7000 - coming
  • Radeon 7500 - coming
  • Radeon 7800 - coming
  • Radeon 9700 - coming
  • Radeon x800 - coming

Nvidia Video Cards

  • GeForce - coming
  • GeForce 2 MX - coming
  • GeForce 4 MX - coming

Radeon Video Cards

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Radeon Cards For Mac Pro

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